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Going green

February 3, 2009

The New York Times article “Praise the Lord and Green the Roof”┬áreports on a group of unlikely trendsetters: Episcopal sisters going green. What was inspiring to me was the sisters’ devotion to local and sustainable eating. The sisters shop at farmer’s markets, pick up a produce share from Roxbury Farm at a neighboring church, and even compost their food detritus. The sisters are now working on a new green home which will be built in West Harlem.

This eco-conscious move underscores the correlation between knowing where your food comes from and knowing where your roof comes from. One green idea, shopping at your farmer’s market, leads to the next green idea: understanding your surroundings and registering the implications of consumption on a variety of levels. While I currently do not have the opportunity, like the sisters, to build a new green structure from ground up, I do have the opportunity to start with just a few, small green thoughts: carrying my own bags with which to shop at farmer’s markets, drinking tap water, consuming less in general but being more thoughtful when I do. Recycle your green thoughts here and share the ways in which you and your community are going green.