Wassaic Community Farm

Wassaic Community Farm!

Wassaic Community Farm located in Wassaic, New York is a third year small farm project with a mission to address food justice issues in the South Bronx and locally in Wassaic. We have a quarter acre raised bed garden and a 3 acre plot within walking distance of a train line to NYC. We grown mixed vegetables and herbs using organic and permaculture techniques. We run a farmers market out of Padre Plaza, a community garden in the Bronx. This year, we are offering a Weekly Share CSA program, as well as developing an educational program for youth. You may contact us through benature@onebox.com or betseymccall@gmail.com to learn more about all of our programs.

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One Response to “Wassaic Community Farm”

  1. Tammy McLeod Says:

    It sounds like your CSA is blooming. Congratulations. One thing that we’ve seen here in AZ is that one of the local private schools is using it as a fund raiser. They’ve marked up the shares but by having it at a school, there’s a single delivery point so it’s fairly efficient. Good for the farmer, good for the school and good for the families who participate. Best of luck to you.

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