Brooklyn Grange Holiday Party!

Brooklyn Grange comes to Manhattan!

Join Brooklyn Grange and a slew of NYC chefs, restauranteurs, food enthusiasts, and farmers for cocktails and dinner next Monday at bobo restaurant (

Come sip on drinks and snack on canape, talk about food and farms, and enjoy some live bluegrass music by Free Advice. And it’s all in support of Brooklyn Grange, our one-acre rooftop farm slated to open this spring.

Monday, December 14
7pm – 10pm
180 West 10th St. at 7th Ave
Tickets: $50

Tickets are limited so order in advance at

Happy Holidays!

About Brooklyn Grange:

Brooklyn Grange is planning to build the country’s first sustainable soil rooftop farm in New York City in the Spring of 2010.

The Grange consists of an ambitious crew from Roberta’s Restaurant in Bushwick, teaming up with Ben Flanner, a founder and farmer of Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint.  The farm will sell its vegetables directly to the community, localizing the economy, and bringing people closer to a sustainable food source.

Brooklyn Grange’s principles will set an example to the nation and community at many levels:

– Making use of under-utilized urban rooftops to grow nutritious organic produce to be consumed in New York City
– Reducing carbon emissions on food transportation
– Increasing availability of healthy produce in communities with limited access to nutritious organic produce
– Educating school groups, volunteers, and aspiring urban farmers on nutrition and farming
– Creating green roofs to reduce energy usage in heating and cooling, and to catch rainwater, reducing the strain on New York City’s expensive sewage system.

All proceeds from the party at bobo will go towards the new rooftop farm, Brooklyn Grange.

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