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Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

Welcome to Brooklyn Farmer. I started Brooklyn Farmer out of a desire to start a dialogue with farmers about where our food comes from. While Brooklyn might seem like an unlikely place to talk about farmers, the borough boasts ten farmers markets from Greenpoint’s McCarren Park all the way south to Sunset Park. Visit the Council on the Environment of NYC at for more details. 

As the summer months quickly approached, I realized July would be an opportune time to launch Brooklyn Farmer. All ten of the Greenmarkets in Brooklyn are now open.  Year round markets include Greenpoint – McCarren Park, Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn Borough Hall, and Grand Army Plaza. Windsor Terrace opened in May.  Carroll Gardens and Cortelyou opened in June. Williamsburg, Borough Park, and Sunset Park opened in July. 

So far, I have primarily been shopping at Grand Army Plaza (more on Brooklyn Borough Hall and Carroll Gardens later since they are closer to me in Cobble Hill). Grand Army Plaza is open year round, every Saturday from 8:00am – 4:00pm. Make sure to sign up for the e-mail list at Every Friday I get an enticing announcement in my gmail letting me know just what I’m going to find at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket. The e-mail serves as a much needed reminder about why I’m getting up at 8:00am on a Saturday Morning. So far, there have been the occasional Saturdays when it just doesn’t happen. 

The premise for starting this blog is that I will bike to all ten farmers markets throughout the summer/fall months (maybe train during the winter months and then we’ll see about spring), introduce you to the farmers there, and then cook from that day’s local food finds.

I hope to help make shopping at farmers markets and cooking seasonal food less intimidating. I hope Brooklyn Farmer will encourage farm hungry eaters everywhere to go out and meet their farmers.

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5 Responses to “Brooklyn Farmer”

  1. cmoney Says:

    hey the site looks great! can you tell me more about farmers markets in asheville, nc?

  2. hdawg Says:

    well done – if i didn’t live so far away i would be happy to visit all the brooklyn farmers’ markets. i’m with cmoney – how ’bout those markets in asheville. then again, the blog is called brooklyn farmer. cmoney isn’t at all biased either! word.

  3. Jennifer Kopf Says:

    Congrats! I’m with your friends above–we’ll get the Southern network going!!

  4. aaron Says:

    I used to go to the grandarmyplaza blog but now it says by invite only. I cant even get on with my google account. Anyone know how I can view this blog. Thanks for the help.

  5. brooklynfarmer Says:

    Hi Aaron – I seem to be having the same issue as well. I will contact CENYC and see if they are having issues with the blog. I’m not sure why it would need to be by invitation only. I have been receiving the weekly newsletters though. -BF

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